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Tim Martin, the multi-millionaire chairman of J D Wetherspoon, is a classic example of the reason that anyone who classes themselves as a working man/woman, should wish to stay in the EU.

Over recent years the European Parliament has passed numerous pieces of workplace legislation that the UK government would not touch with a ten foot pole unless they were able to deflect blame by saying: "Don't blame us, it's been forced on us by the EU"!

This legislation has been adopted by Britain, against the will of the government. Although every benefit accruing to workers is not necessarily bad for the company, every one carries a financial penalty that disrupts the way the business runs. Employers will almost without exception fight against implementation.

Working time directives, equal pay, better holidays and a host of safety in the workplace measures are just examples of measures that increase employer costs and, because those same employers fund the Conservative party, they must be kept sweet.

Check history. If there is no government enacted social legislation sufficiently early in the parliament that it can be forgotten before the next election, there won't be any.

Martin wants Britain to leave the EU. He believed Priti Patel when she assured him and other business leaders that if they votde to leave the EU she could rid them of many of those benefits and cut their costs . For people like Martin who is the worlds biggest fan of practices like zero hours contracts, this was a promise too good to ignore.

Martin runs a highly staff intensive business and if Priti can deliver even some of what she promised, he stands to substantially increase profits.  At present, Martin is moaning loudly about having to pay his staff a living wage, one of the very few improvements for working people, made by this government right at the start of their term of office in accordance with the essential schedule.

From April 2017, employers like Martin will be forced to pay £7.20 an hour, rising to just over £9 by the end of the decade. Martin says that this would ruin his business! Out of the EU he could claw back most of those costs by cutting EU imposed benefits.

Significantly, despite it being only four months since the refendum, the government is saying that the promised living wage is unaffordable and will need to be reviewed. Round one to Wetherspoon!

Despite the necessity brought about by our much weakened economy, that May believes she can get away with such degradation of working conditions so soon after the vote does not bode well for the future.

Today, Martin's over 21 lowest paid workers on a 35-hour week take home £11,500. Martin's annual allowance for travel alone is £29,000 on top of his salary of £353,000.

Anyone searching for the ultimate hypocrite Brexiteer need search no further. Outside of giovernment there is no better example of exploitation.