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Resignation of EU Ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers - The Briton at the EU who was an embarrassment to Mayssolini and her toadies because of his exceptional knowledge of their lack of unexceptional knowledge of the EU.


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Since the EU Referendum there has been a surge in the number of Facebook pages and internet sites dealing with the problems of Brexit.Facebook attracts a reasonably wide audience, but the volume of material guarantees that within days much of what is posted is lost in a morass of text. A web page provides a far more permanent record and source of information and opinion.This site is not designed to be pretty or to win awards. It's purpose is simply to make a statement about personal observations over forty years of EU membership and to offer the authors opinions and those of like minded people.

There will be no apology for an anti-Brexit message. Too many politicians and persons of influence who clearly recognise the disaster of Brexit have been too ready to follow the road of appeasement. The referendum was never a mandate to leave the EU. The Commons Vote was quite clearly specified in briefing papers as 'advisory'.  The only pledge was made in the Tory manifesto, yet Jeremy Corbyn, the so called Leader of the Labour Party, has declared that the will of the people (38% of the population) must be respected. He is effectively declaring that when he loses the next General Election as he surely will, he will respect the fact that the winning party is there because of "the will of the people" and that he should not oppose any legislation contained in the winning manifesto. Such is complete nonsense as is his disingenuous use of the excuse to justify supporting Brexit.

Similarly, there are many others who are using the same excuse to cloak a simple lack of backbone or as a reason to follow a path of self-interest.

The Referendum

The Majority of the British People did not vote to leave the EU!

A lot of claims have been made about the Referendum that are simply not true. The favourite used by Theresa May is: "The majority of the British People voted to leave the European Union". Like much rhetoric from her over the years, the statement is simply not true. Fewer than 30% of the British people voted to leave.

The Referendum is Binding

Perhaps the bigger error is in the statement is in the contention that the Referendum is binding and that MP's must accept the will of the 30%.

MP's are elected to serve the nation. Over the years there has existed an overwhelming majority of British citizens in favour of restoration of the death penalty. The clarion call from MP's has always been that they are elected to serve the best interests of the nation and not to implement public opinion and that capital punishment would not be introduced. On the matter of the effendi they have gone into hiding and mush accept the will of a tiny minority of the British electorate on a matter of at least equal importance.

Do they have to implement Brexit? No they do not. The Referendum Act briefing papers were clear that the vote was advisory and would not bind parliament. The inclusion of that provision allowed the 2015 Referendum Act to pass easily through Parliament when it might otherwise have not done so. There are far more Remain MP's in Parliament than Eurosceptics and many of those would not have dumped the Sovereignty of Parliament into the hands of an ill-informed electorate 5 million of whom cannot pass even a basic literacy test and are closely followed by a further 5 millions who do so by only a narrow margin. With +_ 20% quite clearly in capable of understanding even the basics of the issue, it is probable that had the Referendum Act been revealed as binding, it would have failed.

The Act was, in all probability, a manipulation of Parliament by Tory Eurosceptics whose extreme right wing aspirations will always be thwarted by the presence of a European Court of Human Rights and other protections offered by the EU. Our presence in the EU prevents full implementation of what has already started as the Tory 'Fascism Lite'. It will soon progress into more conventional Fascism the moment Britain leaves the EU.

The non-binding nature of the referendum was referred to by researchers at the House of Commons library in a briefing paper prepared last year as a guide to MP's in advance of debate on the referendum act, which called it “a type of referendum known as pre-legislative or consultative”.

They said: “This Bill… does not contain any requirement for the UK government to implement the results of the referendum, nor set a time limit by which a vote to leave the EU should be implemented.

“Instead [the referendum] enables the electorate to voice an opinion which then influences the government in its policy decisions… The UK does not have constitutional provisions which would require the results of a referendum to be implemented”.

This paper was referred to in the court's judgment, which said: "A referendum on any topic can only be advisory for the lawmakers in parliament unless very clear language to the contrary is used in the referendum legislation" and "no such language was used in the 2015 Referendum Act"; furthermore "the act was passed against a background including a clear briefing paper to parliamentarians explaining that the referendum would have advisory effect only".

It is against this background that it is the duty of MP's to deal with this matter according to whether it is in the interests of the nation and not whether it secures their jobs and prospects in their party