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Almost everyone has at sometime heard the phrase "divide and rule". Very few will have stopped to think what it really means or how the practice can be best used. Theresa May understands!

May can have expected nothing less than a strong response when she delivered her conference speech on 5th October. Whether she wrote the speech or simply delivered what the two Moselyite aids put in front of her, she must take responsibility.
In many respects it used the principles from Mein Kampf as the basis for promoting a platform outlined by previous conference speakers delivering extremist policy proposals. Post- Conference there was also a proposal that the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner and other Chief Constables should be former high ranking military officers. One can only wonder why this is suddenly considered to be a priority.

The prime objective identified by the Conference: 'Reduce the entry of foreigners into Britain by any method'. The meaningless slogan " A Country that works for everyone". How did she expect that to go down in Europe?

In pursuit of the meaningless objective she was singing out support for/by:

1. Dishonest denigration of foreign and particularly EU Doctors. Such is always a first step.

2. Reducing numbers of foreign students sure in the knowledge that to do so damages our universities and Scientific causes and has no virtue except it's reflection in Home Office statistics. Indeed, it damages us immensely in the long term because many of those students return home to be influential in their own countries. They favour countries that have treated them well.

3. Forcing companies to favour UK workers over others and to declare numbers. That is simply a disguise for forcing the registration of all foreign workers. I was on the wrong end of that in 1993 when I needed two computer teachers and was not allowed to bring them from Hong Kong despite having advertised for more than a year in UK. the Home Office simply said that they were plenty in UK. There were not.

4. Denigration of foreign experts. "We lead the world in Science; only today three of our Scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize" (or words to that effect). They work in the USA and have done so for years doing their work for American companies in US universities. Two have said they will renounce British citizenship because of the policies of the U.K. Government.

5. Creating the 'Them and Us' division essential in right wing extremism. Make unfulfillable promises to the vulnerable and then select the target group and set them up as 'responsible' when those promises are not met. In this case the target group are the Unpatriotic 'They'! In this case 'They' are the 48% that includes almost all businessmen, academics, scientists, experts, foreigners and you and I.

6. Removing power from Parliament and ruling by decree. As an extension, the appointment of many of the weak ministers will keep them compliant with the wishes of the PM. They have been promoted beyond their competence and will certainly not risk being thrown back with the other small fish.

7. Creating the slogan 'A Country that Works for everyone' that can be used in place of substance and as a excuse and supposed evidence of good faith for every element of government policy.
At almost every turn there is a suggestion that every problem Britain has is attributable to foreigners and, inexplicably, just foreigners from the EU. Perhaps it's so limited because most of the others have a vote.

Where is the doctrine from which this emanates?
“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”
― Adolf Hitler

It is not yet the zenith of extreme right wing, but it's on the road and has now progressed further than UKIP has achieved. Claiming to have moved to the centre ground of politics fools only the gullible. A second of thought exposes that the Tories have used the outside lane to overtake UKIP.

NB. The Conference included a strident promise to ensure that workers representatives were appointed to the Boards of all UK companies. The promise was ditched in early November, barely a month after the conference.

The 'everyone' to whom May referred in the conference does not include the millions of gullible OAPs. A month after the conference ministers pledged to remove the triple lock on pensions that was restoring state pensions to a reasonable level.