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The Nature of the Referendum

The choice on the ballot paper was:

‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’

The more appropriate questions should have been:

‘Do you support the aspiration of the Tory Party right wing extremists to remove UK citizens from the protection of the European Union?


‘Are you prepared to support the introduction of right wing extremism into British Government’?

The Referendum set no standard for voting percentages nor safeguards against protest votes, nor did it offer any information on how Britain would leave the EU. Moreover, it was, under the Act of Parliament and the briefing notes issued before the passing of the act, an advisory referendum, the result of which was not binding on the government.

THE EU and Right Wing Government

The UK has been a member of the EU since 1973. At the time of joining, the nation was in dire economic circumstances with raging inflation, failing industry, depressed wages, endless strikes, high interest rates and was recognised around the world as ‘The Sick Man of Europe’.

Economically, the EU was a rescue mission on a grand scale, attracting to Britain massive investment from across the world.

Our failed factories provided the shells of opportunity and our masses of unemployed the labour for those foreign industrialists seeking access to the growing EU.

We provided tariff free access to a massive market and this has been almost singularly responsible for UK economic prosperity and growth for more than forty years.

Politically, for many years the extreme right wing of the Tory party and more recently UKIP have been solidly against the EU. Their numbers have been relatively small but as with most extremist groups, they have been disruptive out of all proportion to their numbers. Their fundamental grievance has always been that extreme right wing government is simply not possible in circumstances where outside influence can guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens: socially, in the workplace and under the law, and give them grievance recourse through a court of human rights.

Extreme right wing government demands total control without any form of external guarantee for the rights of citizens.

David Cameron and the Eurosceptics. For a considerable part of his premiership, David Cameron suffered persistent agitation from IDS, Gove, Cash and their gang of extremists. He decided that a defeat in a referendum on the EU would silence them and permit normal government to proceed with much reduced agitation. He miscalculated , not the feelings about the EU, but the unpopularity of his government, mainly because of policy initiatives by those who were later to back leaving the EU.

The Referendum.

The Players. The right wing extremists were represented by a number of organisations; principally Vote Leave. They offered a strong organisation and produced a campaign based mainly on blatant lies that they were quite prepared to admit when challenged, were invention.

They also relied very heavily on public mythology expounding the seriously adverse affects of immigration. Although at times carefully dressed in other clothes, the campaign was at best xenophobic and at worst racist, playing on latent racist tendencies among sections of the population.

Towards the end of the campaign, when it appeared that the vote would favour Remain, there were deliberate statements designed to raise racial tension. This resulted in violence on the streets and the murder of the MP Jo Cox by a Britain First supporter.

Vote Leave also identified that in a nation such as Britain where economic and social stability existed through the lifetime of most voters, very few had developed an interest in politics, were open to persuasion on very poor evidence and would not be able to recognise even deliberate untruths. Such proved to be the case. Voters were promised access outside the EU to streets paved with gold. They were not told that they would face depressed economic circumstances and would be paying the bill for the remainder of their lives.

The Brexit Government. It’s fairly certain that at the time of his resignation Cameron did not envisage the sort of extremist swing that transpired, nor will he have foreseen the level of incompetence of the current government or the serious impotency of the opposition due to failed leadership.

The Road to Fascism. The extremist nature of May’s regime and her destructive strategy for exiting the EU became obvious immediately after her coronation.

First indications, although indications is probably not a strong enough description, emerged at the Tory Party Conference. Almost everyone has at sometime heard the phrase "divide and rule". Very few will have stopped to think what it really means or how the practice can be best used. Theresa May, who had almost overnight morphed into an extreme extremist, does understand!

In a strong speech bearing all the hallmarks of having been written by Hill and Timothy, she set out the prime objective as being to: 'Reduce the entry of foreigners into Britain by any method'. She also introduced a traditional Fascist cliché: " A country that works for everyone”.

There is a recognised formula for progression to Fascism. In pursuit of the meaningless objective ‘A country that works for everyone’, she was singing out a message involving/propounding:

1. Dishonest denigration of foreign and particularly EU Doctors.

2. Reducing numbers of foreign students sure in the knowledge that to do so damages our universities and Scientific causes and has no virtue except it's reflection in Home Office statistics. Indeed, it damages us immensely in the long term because many of those students return home to be influential in their own countries. They favour countries that have treated them well.

3. Forcing companies to favour UK workers over others and to declare numbers. A disguised method for forcing the registration of all foreign workers.

4. Denigration of foreign experts. "We lead the world in Science; only today three of our Scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize" (or words to that effect). The scientists work in the USA and have done so for many years doing their work for American companies in US universities. Two immediately said they would renounce British citizenship because of the policies of the UK Government.

5. Creating the 'Them and Us' division essential in right wing extremism. The proven method involves making unfulfillable promises to the vulnerable ‘US’ and then select as the target group ‘THEM’ and set ‘them’ up as 'blameworthy' when the promises are not met. In this case the target group ‘Them’ are the unpatriotic electors who will not subscribe to right wing extremism and have the education and knowledge to recognise it. May declared them to be “Citizens of Nowhere”. 'THEM' are the 48% and includes almost all businessmen, academics, scientists, experts, foreigners and ordinary people of Britain who favour responsibility to community over self-interest. ‘THEM’ excludes most of the wealthy top 10%.

6. Removing power from Parliament and ruling by decree. As an extension, the appointment of many of the weak ministers will keep them compliant with the wishes of the PM. They have been promoted beyond their competence and will certainly not risk being thrown back with the other small fish.

7. Creating the slogan 'A Country that Works for everyone' that can be used in place of substance and as a excuse and supposed evidence of good faith for every element of government policy. At almost every turn there is a suggestion that every problem Britain has is attributable to foreigners and, inexplicably, just foreigners from the EU. Perhaps it's so limited because most of the others have a vote.

Post Conference developments have simply reinforced the totalitarian march:

1. Attempts have been made to rule by decree, bypassing parliament in an attempt to deliver the most extreme right wing agenda.

2. Vilification of the the Judiciary by government influenced press was allowed to pass without condemnation. Indeed, even when pressed the Lord Chancellor refused to criticise the attacks.

3. Failure to condemn violence of supporters on the streets.

4. A proposal that the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner and other Chief Constables should be former high ranking military officers. One can only wonder why this is suddenly considered to be a priority. This is a hallmark of Fascism designed to better deal with any resistance.

5. An attempt by extremists to force the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Commons for making a statement in the House with which the government was not in agreement.

6. Attempts to cement relationships with the newly established Fascist President in the USA despite his disrespect for democracy and clear evidence of commission of offences that in many nations would have resulted in arrest and imprisonment.

7. Displays of total disrespect for other hitherto friendly nations, notably in the EU. This above all signals the Fascist agenda driving the EU exit.

8. On the day of attempting to complete this article it became very clear that the constant introduction of anti-democratic measures means it will never be completed. The latest to be announced is a measure to close down freedom of speech and the press by making it illegal to publish certain information. It will eventually mean the end of such things as the Freedom of Information Act and other legislation that guarantees democracy. The ‘whistleblower’ that has hitherto been so valuable in exposing government corruption will be imprisoned and will share a cell with the investigative journalist or the honest editor: a cell that should be occupied by a corrupt politician.

Where is the doctrine from which all this emanates? “The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” ― Adolf Hitler

The Fascist Agenda & Exiting the EU.

Benita Mayssolini, the alter ego of May, has a single agenda.

The single agenda item is to leave the EU!

To do so meets the extreme right wing aspirations. It allows the total political freedom essential to the development of a fascist state. The terms of exit are unimportant. The damage to the nation is unimportant. The impoverishment of the nation is unimportant. The only matter of importance is that the extreme right wing of the Tory Party secures total control of UK citizens under its terms and without external protection.

Why are they not concerned about terms of exit?

The mnajority of those monitoring events will have identified a seeming lack of care about planning the way ahead.

The people driving this political movement are largely wealthy; they are the top 10%. They are also increasingly global. The damage to the UK economy is not unacceptable damage to them.

Whether they pay £1 for a Lettuce or £2 is unimportant and if their new Range Rover costs £90,000 instead of £65,000, that too is of little consequence. Moreover, many of their investments are in other nations and off-shore accounts not dependent on the British economy. If they did not earn another penny from today, they would still exist in luxury for the remainder of their lives, protected by a fascist state.

As a final factor - When the damage is realised, it is not the fault of government that they have not delivered on their promises. The fault rests with the 48% who did not support their sterling efforts. To the poorly educated in their vacuum, it’s a very believable premise.

The Opposition The simple fact is that there has been no effective Parliamentary opposition. Jeremy Corbyn was faced with the choice between acting with integrity and attempting the safeguard the interests of working people, two thirds of whom voted to Remain, or dropping integrity and trying to protect his own position. He chose self-interest.

What should the Leader of the Opposition have done? The answer is simple. He should have chosen integrity and the interests of his traditional supporters and have asked his dissenters the question below.

The defining Question:

Answer one question against the following background information.

The richest 10pc of British households own 44pc of total household wealth (£4.2 trillion of the total £9.5 trillion). These are the Tories and their natural supporters.

The poorest 50pc of the population have 9pc of wealth. This is the section of society that will be most damaged by an extreme right wing government outside the EU.

The Tory Party was formed to protect and develop the interests of the 10% owning the wealth.

For more than 130 years they have performed that task as their primary consideration, mostly with a moderate right wing agenda simply because it was not possible to go further. Today power has been seized, not by the moderates, but by the extreme right wing of the party. If you are in the top 20% of wealth ownership and have no social conscience you are probably a beneficiary of or not too badly damaged by othe great Brexit Con.

If you are not in that 20% ask yourself: The Question

For 134 years the Tory Party has represented the wealthiest 10% of the British population and at no time have they ever acted with my interests as other than a peripheral part of their considerations. What persuades me that for the first time in more than a century they have chosen this moment to do so?

The conclusion should be that they have not. The Leopard has not changed its spots. Brexit is for the benefit of the Tory Party and their wealthy donors. Anyone else who derives benefit does so by accident, not by design.

Britain has been the victim of a massive confidence trick made possible by a poorly informed and acquiescent electorate. Lethargy will exact its price.

The Final Confidence Trick

As a sop to the ineffective opposition the government has conceded a vote at the end of negotiations. Unless there is a change in the government’s attitude, such a vote will be completely nugatory. By the time of the vote the situation will be, by design, that all that exists other than the negotiated position will be scorched earth. A further facet of Fascism.