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Valid or Invalid?Britain’s Dubious Referendum

Today’s Britain is essentially two nations. There is a massive chasm between those people in the centre and left of the political spectrum and those who have chosen the right wing politics of eighty years ago.

The former are committed to community and friendship with other nations, the latter have chosen isolationism and self-interest. Chosen is perhaps not the right word.

To make a reasoned choice an individual capable of reason needs to be presented with facts that are both accurate and in a form capable of being understood. Ability to reason varies with individuals. All people are not born equal. Some are fortunate enough to have a good intellect and access to quality education through which it can be developed. Some are born with lesser intellectual powers and even those powers are not properly nurtured by education. Others are born with low intellect but are fortunate enough to be able to afford the best education and enjoy family connections that enable them to bluster their way through life, frequently as politicians. All people are not born equal.

The EU Referendum has been wrongly described as Britain’s biggest ever investment in Democracy. It was, in truth, an exercise in extreme right wing Tory manipulation of the electorate.

The campaign did not present the electorate with facts that were either true or understandable. We have some 5 million people of voting age in Britain who cannot pass a basic literacy test and another five millions who barely do. That fact would not have been lost on Leave campaigners for whom they are almost guaranteed votes.

The major information storm comprised totally false statements known to be false at the time of release and aimed at that particular section of society. The statements took account of the inability of many electors to understand or evaluate the information and relied on the hope that they would give value to the seeming importance of those making the statements and not question the headlines.

Planned falsehood itself should be sufficient to invalidate the vote. But should the vote have ever taken place?

The first major question is whether the government manipulating the referendum and now ploughing ahead on a course to disaster, is even legitimate.

Since the 2015 General Election 19 Police forces, including Devon and Cornwall, have been investigating claims of massive electoral fraud involving hundreds of thousands of pounds. The prime allegation is that 28 Conservative MPs benefited from ‘battle buses’, but did not declare the costs locally. In addition the candidates are alleged to have written off as ‘national spending’ the cost of transport and hotel rooms for hundreds of activists bussed in to rally support in contested regions, expenses that should clearly have accrued to the cost of the local campaign.

According to the law, this spending should have been registered as local costs. It was not, thus enabling fraudulent spending in other areas. This comparatively simple investigation has been ongoing for eighteen months. During that time there have been murders committed for which the investigations have been completed and the offenders tried.The flood damaged Bridge at Tadcaster has been rebuilt and reopened and the USA has elected a fascist dictator to the Presidency.

Recent attempts by May and her puppet masters Hill and Timothy visibly aided by the Lord Chancellor, to thwart the justice process in Britain make it very probable that this investigation has not proceeded without interference. However, the government will not be able to suppress the findings forever and it is very possible that the nation will awaken one morning to have it confirmed that the government is as illegitimate as it is incompetent.

Why the delay? Why the Silence from the opposition benches? A proper opposition would be asking the question on every occasion the house sits.

Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said yesterday (2nd February 2017) in an attempt to legitimize May’s speech to EU Leaders, that Russia was “weaponising misinformation” to undermine the West . He called on NATO to step up efforts to counter the cyberthreat. He laid out a catalogue of cyberattacks and fake news campaigns attributed to Russia, including the interference by Moscow in the election that put Mr Trump in the White House. “Today we see a country that in weaponising misinformation has created what we might now see as the post-truth age,” he told an audience at the University of St Andrews. Using a worn out cliché he said: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting its boots on.” Significantly, Fallon made no mention of the influence of these cyber attacks on the legitimacy of the UK referendum nor the constant use of misinformation by his colleagues.

Perhaps he was satisfied that the multitude of false statements generated in Goebbels like style by the Vote Leave campaign were their work and their work alone, a premise that is about as believable as that suggesting the seemingly endless spending by Nigel Farage was restricted to money falsely obtained from the EU and that there was no contribution from RT and his Russian backers.

There are volumes of evidence to suggest that not only was the UK referendum result profoundly affected by lies fabricated to influence vulnerable elements of the British electorate and contaminated by interference from Russian cyber attacks, but it was probably called and manipulated by Members of Parliament who should not have been in government but should have been guests of the government.

Since a few days after the election, Electoral Irregularities have been absolutely clear as the minimum breach of electoral law. Accordingly, the Members of Parliament should have been suspended until completion of the investigation. In the circumstances, there is every probability that the leader of the opposition is now sitting in No 10 Downing Street. The Opposition should call for the immediate release of the results of the Police investigations. They have prevaricated too long already. Why? Is it due to political interference by Britain's first overtly fascist goverment or is it simply police incompetence?

CORBYN - For God's Sake WAKE UP!