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President-elect Donald Trump - Be very concerned!

Even at the moment of triumph Trump was as duplicitous as he was throughout the campaign as he referred to his opponent saying: “We owe her a debt of gratitude for her service to the country”. A far cry from “Lock her up!”

In a reflection of the equally dishonest campaign of UK’s ‘Vote Leave’, he ignored two central premises of his campaign.

‘Immigration restriction and protectionism’ were entirely missing from his remarks.

 Suddenly he wants to rebuild infrastructure, grow the economy and create jobs. These were at the core of Clinton’s campaign but, to her detriment, did not include a massive wall across the Mexican Border (paid for by the Mexicans) nor did she include mass deportation of immigrants .Russian Tank

Trump has never held any form of office. Like ‘Vote Leave’ in Britain, he was not even remotely interested in policy, preferring to invent comic book scenarios that resonated with the target audience and those starting from a position of zero knowledge of the issue. America, as does Britain, has enough voters in that category to swing an election. The trick is to get them to vote. Trump like ‘Vote Leave’ achieved that and millions turned up at the polls without an awareness of the consequences for themselves and their offspring.

 For a century, America has been regarded as the leader of the free world, but has at the same time built up a store of hatred for its actions. The America shown on TV is a nation of opulence and opportunity, where everyone has a swimming pool and a large house. TV ignores the dire poverty in many areas and the racial hatred that is all pervasive in certain areas. Trump can only make that situation worse.

Trump is a businessman, less successful than he would claim with a record of failed enterprises as long as that of successes. At the moment of election he has hundreds of court cases outstanding, including serious allegations of fraud associated with the failed Trump University. Impeachment before he even sets foot in the Oval Office is not beyond the realms of possibility

The extent to which the damage can be limited will be determined by the personalities he selects to run the administration. Candidates already disclosed suggest that he will choose loyal mavericks who similarly lack experience or have failed in other political ventures. 

 One of the major worries for politics in the USA is that Trump will have set the standard for future elections. Politics has always been a dishonest business where duplicity and cunning, and in the USA in particular money, have been essential elements in campaigning. Trump has set new standards of dishonesty with concealed tax returns and blatantly untrue statements supported by promises that he was aware would be impossible to fulfill.

 Why should this matter to us? One reason is that Trump’s campaign was founded on the same values as that of Vote Leave in the UK. Indeed, Nigel Farage presented himself as an adviser alongside Putin. These people are narcissistic in personality and have a stake in fomenting unrest as their only path to recognition. They are reckless as to the consequences of their actions and tragedy can result as it did with the murder of Jo Cox.

 Of even greater importance is that Trump’s victory will give heart to other destructive movements around the world concurrent with the likelihood that Trump will be instrumental in degrading the institutions like NATO that have kept Europe safe for more than half a century.  At the same time Trump needs a war to fight and for the USA to maintain military might. The US economy is massively dependent on military expenditure and arms production. God help any president who interferes with the US arms industry!