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Not Fighting Brexit All The Way is a Monumental Mistake.

The capitulation of so many Members of Parliament because of intimidation by the Tory right wing extremists is the biggest threat to our democracy since WWII.

Effectively, not only has some 48% of the population been declared by Mayssolini to be ‘Citizens of Nowhere’ that same number remain largely unrepresented in Parliament as their elected representatives dump their principles and their duty to best represent the interests of the nation.

As MPs so often tell us, they are supposed to be representatives of the people, not delegates blindly following the will of the uninformed. Their role requires them to act in the best interests of the whole of the nation and there is the implied obligation that when poorly or misinformed public opinion results in a situation that is clearly bad for the welfare of the nation, Members of Parliament stand up and fight against it. If this was not a sustainable argument, capital punishment would have been restored decades ago.

Although postulated for the right reasons, the attempted appeasement of the Brexit lobby by settling for a second referendum on the terms secured for Brexit is a very serious error and shows a fundamental lack of political acumen.

We should fight against Brexit now.To do so does not rule out other action at a later date, but to drop the fight at this stage means there is no going back.

For several weeks I have been going through the 'Vote Leave' ad hoc manifesto. Although not published as a consolidated document, the 'Vote Leave' managers and principals published a litany of promises usually prefaced by: "If you vote to leave the EU we shall," or words to that effect. Those promises amount to a manifesto.

Virtually none of the promises were seen as true or sustainable at the time they were made. The most famous being the blatant lie, promoted principally by the fraudster who currently holds the office of Foreign Secretary, that Britain contributed £350 each week to the EU budget. Johnson admitted that the figure was false, but at public events continued to promote it as true, claiming that if we departed from the EU that money would be spent on the NHS. Similar lies were told about trade, public services in general, taxation, education, business investment and a host of other topics.

The campaign culminated in the fomentation of racial hatred by deliberate vilification of the immigrants who are net contributors to the welfare of the nation. The move secured the votes to win the referendum. It also, as was totally predictable, brought violence to the streets and resulted in the murder of Jo Cox MP.

Why does all this matter and what does it has to do with a second referendum?

It is now absolutely clear that a good proportion of those who voted to leave the EU did not actually want to leave. There were fanatics and they remain as vociferous as ever. It's equally true that some who voted to remain didn't care too much either way. What is also very clear is that a high proportion of all voters had little knowledge of the EU or even of our own domestic government. A majority did not understand the implications of a vote for or against.

For many voters, all they had as guidance were false statements from politicians, most of them Tories, who were engaged in a power struggle for control of the Tory party. We are now all aware that the extreme right wing won the battle, but the war is not yet over.

Until Brexit becomes final, the Tory power struggle is not settled and our citizens continue to be pawns in the game. It will not have escaped anyone's notice that those in charge of delivering Brexit are failures from another age, supported by a compliant second team who find themselves promoted well above their ability levels after selection almost as children 'pick up sides' in the playground. They are the extremists to whom Brexit is a game in which they unbelievably have power. It's Monopoly being played with real money: taxpayers money.

They are consumed by their own importance and even if their sole achievement is to secure a trade deal with Togo involving ten coconuts a year, they will promote that as a good deal.

There will be an automatic return to the blatant lies encountered on the road to the referendum and those lies will be presented to the same gullible electors. The difference on this occasion will be that there will be fewer Members of Parliament and persons of knowledge prepared to expose and oppose the lies.

There is every probability that a battered and weary electorate will simply give up and allow the right wing extremists and Tory antagonists to cause the nation serious and permanent damage.

IF Brexit is not defeated along the road to completion of the EU deadline, there is a very good chance that we shall leave the EU whilst in a worse mess than even the biggest pessimist can at this time imagine and there will not be a damned thing we can do about it.

If the politicians in charge of this political disaster were acting in the interests of the nation, it would be a different scenario. They are not,they are acting in the interests of the Tory Party.

Don't be fooled - Fight Brexit any way you can. It's not "The will of the people" its the will of Tory extremists.