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Full Integration of these words and phrases into the English Language has yet to be achieved. Use them only where you are dealing with intelligent people who are not reliant on a dictionary to spell their own name.


Cock-Up Hand written document carried by a minion declaring government policy to the world at large but denied to Member's of Parliament.
BREXITIVAN n Person Sir Ivan Rogers - The Briton at the EU who was an embarrassment to Mayssolini and her toadies because of his exceptional knowledge of their lack of unexceptional knowledge of the EU.
BREXITOPOLY n Border Game Border Game for two or more players popular with extreme right wing cabinet members who play using Taxpayer's money
BREXITWANKER n. Indentifier As heard in the corridors in Brussels when Boris Johnson walks by. "Who's that Kurt"? "Him? He's a Brexitwanker"!
BREXETONIAN n.   Person educated at an institution where people with exceptional brains teach people with exceptional money how to con their way through life without exceptional brains.
BREXITVERÅTER   Mayssolini description of any 'Englander' weho voted to Remain in The EU at the risk of splitting the Tory Party
BREXITENTIARY n Building 'Hotel' accommodation for those who do not agree that Mayssolini is brainy, caring, compassionate, astute and not simply a dimwit who cares nothing for ordinary Britain.
BREXITRINESIA n Medical Condition Quitter disease affecting short and medium term memory. Usually results in the response "We didnt say that".
BREXITESTICULAR n   A load of Quitter Bollocks
BREXITRIVIA n.   The response offered when a Quitter is asked to give a single reason for leaving the EU. Replaced the more erufite phrase "OUT OUT OUT".
BREXIFILE n Neutral Thick cover for contents that have no content. Typified by the Brexifile plan taken to cabinet meetings by cabinet members and much admired by Mayssolini.
BREXITART n Trade Term

Commonly used by EU Trade Negotiators in support of the answer: "When I say F Off do you want me to draw you an F...ing Picture"? Hence Brexitart.

Not be be confused with the alternative nomenclature for Mayssolini -' Brexi Tart'.


Cock-up consequence Atmosphere in Mayssolini's office when she discovered that somehow one of her dimwit ministers had succeeded in getting his/her hands on a pen and some paper
BREXIPHALICKOPF   Brexiteer Dickhead


Experience One off feeling by the serial failures Johnson, Davis and Fox when they realised that they had an incompetent PM and they were going to get yet another chance to screw up a government department.
BREXITRACHEITIS n medical Inflamation of the throat of Mayssolini as heard from a Cabinet Minister exiting a meetinf " Has the dim bitch got Brexitracheitis or has she been speaking to Donald trump about an trade deal?


  Extreme nationalist Brexit politician who believes that North Korea is an all-embracing open society.


Identifier Description used for the gaffe making Brexit team. As in: "Before the referendum he was just a tosser, now he's a Brexitosser"!


Identifier Descriptive of Vikki Morgan who was fed up with sticking pins in an effige of Mayssolini and now goes for the real thing.
BREXITRANCE n   a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis,a medium or a statement by Mayssolini or almost any Brexiteer
BREXIMATHICIAN noun   Someone creative with maths such as Theresa May who describes a vote by 29% of the British electorate as "The Majority of the British People".
BREXITILITY   Useless being the opposite of Utility viz. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.


Political Bad Breath
Sufferers will normally be wearing a badge with a 'Vote Leave' logo and in intelligent company will be seated in a corner alone. There is a cure, but to secure it requires being able to read the instructions on the bottle so it's not widely used.


  Sacred lands separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea and several million Bigots.



Advanced Nervous Disorder
Only affects Quitters - Onset usually trigerred when the patient realises that 'Sovereignty' and "Regain Control' are meaningless but expenses concepts
BREXITORATORY Rhetoric Strident speech by Eurosceptic Politician. Anything that gets past the teeth is almost certainly false.
BREXITORMENT State of Mind Suffering of Brexiteer and somewhat similar to the Brexiteers academic psychological term "UR Doin my Ed In". As in "This Brexit wasn't expected torment".
BREXITANIC adj. Disasterous
Recognition of Brexit as the worst disaster since 1912



As in Spanish Brexiquisition. Use of torture in an attempt to force an educated person to identify something about Brexit that is not Brexitanic.



Strong medicine prescribed for Quitters to give temporary relief from reality. First prescribed at polling booths on 23rd June 2106
BREXISTERIA noun Medical Condition
Mental state reached by two Quitters trying to console each other that the death of the nation is not their fault.
BREXICLYSMIC noun   Violent political upheaval built into government strategy to deflect attention from failure. Now frequently used.
How Theresa May describes questions she is unable to answer. Which is most questions when the answers are not being piped into her ear.
BREXILLUSION noun False Statement
Usually written on the side of a bus such as "we send £350 millions each week to the EU". Also applied to Mayssolini JAMs who actually believe that despite losing £873 a year at the first mini budget , Mayssolini is improving their lives.
BREXALATE verb Medical
Sudden and uncontrollable release of air from one's mouth when Boris Johnson says something that is not at the same time stupid or untrue. Untested to date.
BREXIMATION noun Condition
Elation experienced by a Quitter when he spends a £1 and gets back 50p but has achieved a better return than normal or than was expected.
Describes the prognosis for anyone who has invested money on the expectation of Brexit being successful.
BREXITINITUS noun Medical Condition
Results in loss of sleep for Quitters because of the words "I am an idiot" constantly ringing in their ears. Not to be confused with 'initus' which is the frequent response when two Quitters are asked to identify the idiots in a group.
Usually confined to animals but spreads to Quitters through consistent end consumption of bullshit.
BREXICURSION verb Futile Journey
Journey of the type undertaken by May, Fox, Davis and Johnson at which they are told in round terms to "sod off" which, on return, is translated into "They are keen to sign a trade deal"
BREXITEER noun Historical reference
21st Century version of a Privateer. Viz. A pirate operating with the consent of a Tory Government who is licensed to steal from the public or foreigners. Davis, Johnson and Fox have already received licenses but are incompetent, even as thieves.
BREXICITY noun Location
An area of London where trade will continue to make a significant contribution to Britain's GDP until we leave the EU



  Nasty stomach condition suffered by a Brexit Politician when he discovers that despited sucking up to Mayssolini he has still been passed over for promotion and will be milk monitor for another Parliament.
BREXICOLOGIST noun Salutation
A quitter who attended school and achieved basic literacy.
A Quitter who believes that before Britain joined the EU it was a successful and prosperous society.
The moment when a Quitter wets him/herself on hearing very rare good news.
Frequent depression suffered by Quitters when they realise that the article they read in the Express, Mail, Sun or Telegraph is not the monthly article that is actually true.
Crime defined by the government involving a non-white continental putting a foot on British Soil.
BREXITOXIN noun Medical
Emissions from the mouths of Johnson, Fox or Davis
A Quitter trained by Britain to dispense honest medicine who instead dispenses toxic poison.
The queue we are told to go to the back of when seeking trade deals with the USA
BREXIFUSION noun Medical
The state generated when anyone attempts to have an intelligent conversation with Boris Johnson.
The lowest subsistence level at which anyone brought up in the prosperity of the EU can be expected to survive. This could be avoided until 2020.
Decree passed by the Tory government to prevent any form of existentialism.
BREXIMONY noun Financial
The Ransom paid to the EU post-Brexit for fewer facilities than we secured for a lower price whilst in the EU
BREXYTIER noun   A brexiteer who has not yet mastered the spelling. As in: Yesterday I couldn't even spell Brexytier, now I is one.
BREXISOGONIST noun   Hater of immigrant females who have babies at the local hospital instead of using the local bus shelter.
BREXOPTROMOTRYST noun   A brexiteer who issues white sticks and rose tinted spectacles to doubter Brexiteers with whom he is having an affair.
BREXIBO noun   Description of any speech made by Boris Johnson or his inner mafia soldiers. Shortened version of the Latin term: Brexibollocks.
BREXILLARY noun Military Generic term for a thug encouraged onto the streets by Farage, Johnson, Gove or their cohort to threaten citizens and commit the occasional murder.
BREXITOURNIQUET n French French trade negotiators term for a stricture tightened around the UK negotiators neck when he utters the famous words "Come on, give us a good deal".
BREXITOLICISM noun Religion Religious order now followed by Brexiteers (and Brexyteers). St Michael, St Boris and St Theresa have elevated themselves to Sainthood to lead the blind.
BREXITORY noun Political Descriptive of those who are prepared to endure and inflict the poverty, deprivation and social disadvantage on themselves and others in order to support a Tory wealth extension that they don't understand or truly believe in.
BREXITORTION noun   Money taken from the poor to give to the rich in order to ensure that the country 'works for everyone'

Functional building where Brexiteer funtionaries are burned at the stake after being subjected to BREXIQUISITION at a port of entry. The condemning question will be "did you manage to secure a trade deal"? "I was told to F Off" will be met by a quick trip to the BREXITORIUM.

Currently under construction. Will be in operation 24/7, excepting Christmas day, from the triggering of A50.

BREXITUTION   Legal Penalty suffered by those securing only a small trade deal i.e. Fewer than ten pots of Jam taken from the Jams. Can be commuted to life for those consenting to lifetime transplant of a Boris Johnson personality and haircut.