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"Religion is the price we pay for being intelligent, but not as yet intelligent enough"


 " Religion is "a set of rituals, rationalized by myth, which mobilizes supernatural powers for the purpose of achieving or preventing transformations of state in man or nature."

During the period since the referendum there have been daily reminders of the serious damage accruing to what was, just a short time ago, one of the most respected nations on the planet. Britain had a strong currency, the principal indicator of respect from other nations, a fast growing economy, industrial stability, an influential voice on the world stage and of paramount importance, good prospects for peace and security for the nation.

Today, not yet five months after the referendum, the nation is is disarray. The national currency has crashed, losing eighteen percent against other major currencies and a large proportion of the population who were just a few months ago crying out in the name of Sovereignty and Control are being led by the nose at the hands of a government that is inherently fascist in its objectives. They are heading towards a future which, except for the wealthy, offers only rising prices, depressed wages, a decline in living standards and degredation of national security.

One startling fact is paramount in making Britain a laughing stock in other nations. The effects of the Brexit vote are not hidden; they are there in plain sight for all to see. In the modern vernacular they are 'right in your face' but are nevertheless denied by Brexiteers and our make-shift government. Moreover, the consequences of continuing on the same path are equally clear, but yet again proponents are in denial or reckless as to the consequences.

What started as a political adventure into the unknown is now a religious movement that prefers to ignore reality in favour of following wealthy disciples. 

The wealth of those disciples allows them to indulge their personal lust for power without suffering damage from the financial and other consequences accruing to their semi-comatose adherents. Such people are driven by this lust for power. They have wealth beyond their needs; power is all that remains as a target.

Only one mass human movement has any real similarity to Brexit and that's Religion. It's the only other concept that is prepared to deny fact and science and that can thrive on faith decreed by disciples in circumstances where hope transcends reality.

Wallace offers just one of many definitions, all of which fit Brexibitionism in most regards. "The cult is developing  "a set of rituals".  Those rituals are most certainly rationalised by myth, which they believe mobilizes supernatural powers for the purpose of achieving or preventing transformations of state in man or nature".

All religions, like Brexit, have one other common feature: financial contributions come principally from the less well off who are always told by the wealthy disciples that there is something better awaiting them just around the bend.

'Something better', usually just the cult of 'trickle down economics', never actually materialises, but the faithful never truly believed that it would. They nevertheless feel better because they believe they have somehow made an honourable sacrifice, even if only for words without meaning. In this case the meaningless words are 'Sovereignty' and 'Control' which even if they were realistic and tangible would benefit them not one iota. There are frequent references to the deeds of ancestors in two world wars with conclusions drawn by those who have no knowledge of the times, nor the motivation that caused te many volunteers to do so. Realistically, the overwhelming majority would have sought an end to wars as a prime motivator: Brexit could herald precisely the opposite.

Brexiteers are already making a sacrifice and through their willingness to accept the financial penalties they will allow Bishops May, Johnson, Davis, Fox et al,  to continue live in their nice Palaces for which Brexiteers  seem happy to pay the rent.