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Hammond’s Farce.

Script by Theresa Mayssolini

Additional Material by Boris ‘Crash waiting to Happen’ Johnson, Liam Flux and David in Wonderland

There are many details analytical documents giving verdicts on the Chancellors Autumn Statement. On the day following the statement Tory politicians have spent a lot of time sniping at Philip Hammond for “not putting the best possible construction on the effects of Brexit and paying too much attention to the forecasts of the OBR.

Their assumption was that he was taking the OBR Report as gospel and should have said that he did not support their conclusions. Having seen what has happened since the referendum, it appears very possible that the Chancellor saw the OBR Forecast as the very best one could expect He was perhaps leaning too much towards optimism.

Throughout the Chancellors delivery the phrase “A Country that Works for Everyone” was endlessly repeated and its exclusion could have markedly reduced the time he spent on his feet.

IFS Conclusion. Today’s report by the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies declares that as a result of the measures taken to ensure that “The Country Works for Everyone”, the worst off households in this `’Country that Works for Everyone” could be between £850 and almost £2000 a year worse off. A lot of those people voted for Brexit and as the Chancellor so adeptly put it, they didn’t vote to be worse off. In truth they did.

Damaging Insurances Taxes. Measures like increasing tax on insurance premiums will so clearly have the worst impact on poorer families. Edmund King, AA president says: 'The Prime Minister has said she wants to help those who are just about managing and this tax increase has greatest impact on those least able to afford it, who are often in greatest need of the protection that insurance provides. This is not a mysterious side-effect. It’s a very clear consequence that only a complete idiot could miss. As a forecast for the future the IFS says real wages to be lower in 2021 than in 2008 heralding worst decade for pay in at least 70 years.

Universal Credit. The Chancellor revealed that he was tweaking the rules on Universal Credit, amounting to a slight increase for three million households. He tweaked the 'taper rate' for welfare payments, which means that low-paid workers keep an extra 2p of every extra pound that they earn. At the moment, they lose 65p in benefits for each pound earned and under the revised taper, they will lose 63p. In fiscal terms this may add up to countable money. To the benefit recipients it is a stale crust.

Where is our Opposition? What has not been released by the government and would normally have been provided by a competent and prepared opposition, is a comparative forecast for the same period had Britain not voted to leave the EU. Certainly those figures were available but where have the responsible politicians gone who should have been screaming the comparison from the rooftops?

We know that Government will be borrowing an extra £122billion over the next five years compared with what was expected before the referendum. Our borrowing is already well over 80% of GDP, a third-world country debt level. Most of those countries arrived where they are through no fault of their own. We bought tickets.

At 90% of GDP a nation is in very serious trouble and starts to fall to pieces. That’s where we are headed.

Infrastructure and house-building. Infrastructure and house-building are being offered to the JAMs as proof that the government is keeping faith with them. REALLY? Even if this promise could be honoured, how many of these poorer families can aspire to owning their own home? Very few. In fact, the houses will never be built.

The Chancellors statement says nothing about free movement of labour and the house builders will tell you that without additional immigration they cannot even meet existing targets. Moreover, construction companies will build houses they know they can sell and with house prices continuing to rise, that does not include too many starter homes

False Funding. Although the Chancellor hoped his spending initiative would give the impression of ‘action’ he knows it is expenditure he will never have to meet. Indeed, the fraud was noticed. John Healey, Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, said “ministers needed to get Britain building again. These astonishing figures in the small-print of today’s official Office for Budget Responsibility report show that the overall effect of the Autumn Statement housing changes will be 13,000 fewer affordable homes,” he said.

Tackled about all these failures, a Tory MP on BBC’s Daily Politics on 24th November 2016 let slip: “Well, its been the better off that have borne the burden of cuts over the past few years” or words to that effect. He just about sums up Mayssolini’s attitude..